Sports Betting Banned In Uganada

     Sports Betting Banned In Uganada

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni has restricted game betting and that no new licenses ought to be issued to organizations nor recharging of grants for the current ones.

As indicated by Minister of State for Finance, Mr. David Bahati, the President gave the mandate saying that betting has redirected the focus of young ones from diligent work.

Those which are currently enrolled, no reestablishment of licenses when they lapse,” Mr. Bahati uncovered on Sunday amid a faith gathering in Rugarama Hill in western Kabale town.

Mr. Bahati said church leaders who have been against sports betting would now be able to rejoice in the Lord on the grounds that their supplications have been replied.

Be that as it may, the Ministry of Finance representative, Mr. Jim Mugunga, said he was uninformed of the president’s order however included that he doesn’t question it.

“I don’t know however since it was said by a pastor, quote him. That is uplifting news,” Mr. Mugunga said.

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