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By Larry jay johnson 
 A common have often been asked. Does money matter when it comes to love? And I answered NO!

This is one million questions that always attracts all manner of answers. But as many often would say, love, is not enough in love relationship. We are yet in another season of love & times are hard. Will cash crunch frustrate the funfair that usually accompanies VALENTINE DAY?

Valentine’s day only comes once a year and if you don’t already have a token of appreciation for that special person in your life, you better get moving because you’ve less than 1wk to 14th February.  I must show pesin pikin love Oo *winks*
In the past years, valentine’s day was often celebrated with pomp and pageantry, just like Christmas. Weeks before the D-day, radio stations played more love songs and television stations showcased dramas that had the peg of love.
Even now, love songs are on the air but would whisper of sweet nothings be enough to hold the day?
Men and women show appreciation to their loved ones by getting them a gift. Let me also touch this, Will there be love without SEX? And my answer is YES
You see most of our youth always expects something in return during this season of love. It’s now an era where we exchange gift for sex or money for love, and this won’t be referred to as LOVE.
Someone asked me,  How do you celebrate love where there’s no money, How do you celebrate love in a depressed economy where probably you’ve not received a salary for months and you have been borrowing to survive?
How do you celebrate love when a lot of your partner responsibilities are hounding you? The school fees are still waiting to be paid or maybe your rent is due likewise mine?
“I love my bae,” says my guy who’s my next door neighbor “I don’t need a valentine’s day love for her to know I love her. Right now, I have serious challenges that have even affected me as a man”
Let me ask you sef, are you aware a man’s manhood stops functioning when he has serious financial problems huh?
Let’s leave the tori for another day. back to the matter in wizkid ayo voice…my guy isn’t the only one experiencing this
I myself also do, all over Nigeria workers are being owed, businesses are suffering. Companies are folding up and workers are not living up to their expectations & responsibilities.
Many people are not in the mood for love let alone valentine. Even those who work in banks are experiencing the lull.
Let me take a gap & a bottle of coke jare, will be right back

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