“I met President of Seychelles on the Street” DJ Humility

  The entertainment giant Benedict Asugwu, also known as DJ Humility spoke with Joy Marcus about his unforgettable trip to Seychelles. 

DJ Humility 
  The first question thrown at him was concerning his first travel out of Nigeria, which he replied: “the first time I traveled out of Nigeria was in 2006 and I was very overwhelmed. I went for a United Nations event in Sierra Leone. When I got back, I started traveling to other countries. I have been to about 25 countries, but my most memorable travel experience was to Seychelles”.
  Second on the list was a question touching the fun memories he had during the trip. In his reply, he pointed out how neat the Island is.  He added that the Island is very good for tourism, and he described his joy derived from meeting with the president when walking freely on the street. He said he walked up to the President, talked to him, and shook his hand, of which he said is not possible in Nigeria as our President is always surrounded with a lot of people. 
  His reply to subsequent questions revealed that the Seychellois are very nice people. 

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