“Go out and Vote” Says President Mohammadu Buhari

 President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said that Nigeria stands as a democracy and that no worldly hand can deter Nigerians from choosing who governs them.


Women showing their support for President Buhari’s re-election. 
    President Buhari who had stated this during his national broadcast assured that voting would be done in an atmosphere of openness and peace, devoid of fear from threat or intimidation.   
  In the midst of his speech, he told Nigerians not to be afraid to come and perform their civic responsibility, the President said that security agencies have worked diligently to ensure that adequate measures concerning security were in place. According to Mr President, “Finally, we have reached the eve of the rescheduled first round of this year’s general elections.” We affirm that Nigeria stands as a democracy and that no worldly hand can deter us from this wise and fitting path we have chosen for ourselves. “While democracy is the most beneficial way to select a nation’s leaders, it is far from the easiest thing to achieve and maintain. 

  ” It requires a combination of patience, tolerance, compassion, diligence, wisdom and hope. These traits exist in us the Nigerian people. Because of who we are, democracy has the chance to flourish in this land.” President Buhari commended Nigerians for their patience and peaceful conduct so far during the electoral season, especially during this intervening week following the postponement of the February 16 elections. He noted that many were worried and thought the worst might happen, adding that such people were proved wrong through the expression of abiding love for peace, democracy and the unity of our country.

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