No more dialysis as scientists from the University of California at San Francisco, USA, have developed the world’s first bionic kidney which can serve as a perfect replacement for  damaged kidneys and effectively.

Developed Bionic Kidney 

  The developed bionic kidney is a perfect replica of our kidneys. It mainly consists of numerous microchips and is moved by the heart. It is able to filter waste and toxins from the bloodstream like the normal kidney .

  Willian Vanderbilt Fissels and Shuvo Roy from the University of California,unveiled the project, offering renewed hope for millions of kidney dialysis patients.Now, most people may be wondering “what if the body rejects it?”, but, the scientists assure us that the chances of rejection are zero! Incredible, right? This is due to the fact that  bionic kidney is made from renal cells.

  The first prototype, however, is the size of a coffee cup and can balance the levels of sodium and potassium in the body while regulating blood pressure, similar to the function of the human kidney.

Coffee cup size Bionic kidney 

   In early November, 2015, the scientists received six million dollars worth of  research  grant  from the Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, and it’s quite sure  to conclude that these funds were well spent. The project is a good news for any dialysis patient. The lead researcher, Dr. Victor Gura, says that the device will be available for sale in only two years. The scientists really do have high hopes for the bionic kidney.

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