A Summit that held between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un (Leader of North Korea), ended without agreement, after the North Korean’s demands for Sanctions relief was refused by the US government. 


Leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump.
  Mr. Trump told reporters that it was all about the sanctions, and that they wanted all the sanctions on North Korea to be lifted in their entirety, which he said the US can not do that. 
  However, both leaders had been expected to announce a positive conclusion on denuclearization. 
  Mr. Trump had said that no plans have been made for a third Summit, but however, expressed optimism about a good outcome in the future. 
  Mr. Kim, had offered to destroy all nuclear weapons research facilities in North Korea, especially the Yongbyon Complex. But, he made this offer in exchange for all sanctions laid on North Korea to be lifted, which the US according to Trump is not prepared to offer. 

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