Raw-meat dog food is a risk to owners

  Raw meat is said to have contained some bacterial, which can pose a threat to the dog and it owner’s health when fed with it.


  From vet record, it is discovered that owners of dogs fed with raw meat are at risk when they let their dogs lick them.

   Researchers however, studied 60 raw samples from 10 manufacturers from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and England. 


   All sixty samples contained Enterobacteriaceae species, which are indicators of faecal contaminationBut 31 (52%) of the samples contained levels that exceeded the maximum threshold set by European Union regulations, of 5,000 bacteria per gram. Most of the species found are not known to cause infection, apart from E. coli, which was seen in about a third of the samples.

  Salmonella bacteria, banned under the EU regulations, were found in four samples. Campylobacter was found in three. Both are capable of passing from animals to people and causing infections. Daniella Dos Santos, from the British Veterinary Association (BVA), said pet owners who choose to feed a raw food diet should be aware of the potential health risks and take precautions in full measures while storing and handling the food.
  BVA says they would also not recommend making a raw food diet at home without veterinary guidance, which is due to the potential nutritional deficiencies associated with homemade diets. 
  And that they would advise any owner wanting to try a raw meat based diet for their pet to first consult a veterinary surgeon.
  • Raw meat should be kept frozen until used
  • Thaw at a maximum of 10C
  • Handle raw meat separately from human food, with separate kitchen equipment (or the same equipment washed thoroughly after use)
  • You must remember that bacteria in raw juices can splash and spread to other foods and surfaces
  • Do not let your dog lick you after it has just eaten raw meat
  • Dogs in families with infants, elderly people or sick individuals should not be fed with raw meat


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