Jordan Peele to display the art of being Unapologetically black

Jordan Peele, has proclaimed himself as a ‘black nerd’, thereby helping to popularize the term as inclusion of comedy duo. Peele however, is boldly going where no black man has ever gone, by conquering in the horror film genre. He is unapologetically black.

His new film ‘Us’ was out on Friday to rave reviews and also early Awards Season Buzz for Lupita Alyong’o.

‘Us’ was said to have scared screams and applause at SXSW Premiere.

The film is already on track to break record as the biggest horror film about a black family. This movie is written and directed by a black man with mostly black casts.

Peele is one of those several successful creatives in Hollywood who are being unapologetically black in their craft.

‘Rise of the Blerds’

Building of momentum for moments like that, had come into play since the embracing of blerds.

NPR Television Critic, Eric Deggans, was first to thrust the rise of black nerds into the spotlight in 2012.

Deggans had said that; for years, we black nerds felt caught between white folks’ expectations. And one of these expectations is captioned; ‘we had be cooler and black folks’ disappointment is we are clearly not’. Deggans is also the author of the book; ‘Race-Baiter’.

Something wonderful had happened which turned the image of the ‘black nerd’ sideways. According to Deggans, that something, was ‘Argyle Sweater’ wearing rapper Kanye West.

Deggans also said that, if you look around now, blerds are everywhere. This he meant; intelligence, rock and roll loving, Politics talking, comic book reading.

‘Us Thrills’

Blerds as a tribe, has endured wonderment and surprised remarks with a polite manner and smiles on their faces.

The Black Hollywood

The culture of the Blerds, is very similar to what is likely to be black in Hollywood. Being a place where labeled as the ‘other’, can work both for and against you.

Peele’s Vision

On its own, ‘Us’ however, is an already critically pronounced horror film. This horror film, is predicted to scare up major box office receipts.

Evan Alex, Lupita Nyong’o and Shahadi Wright Joseph in ‘Us’

This is actually, a kind of film that needs to be viewed more than once. The purpose of this, is to uncover all what Peele is saying about who we are as a nation.

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